Where? On-Line, When? September 12th, 2PM EST/11AM PST


Verifiable AG Presents

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple... what does it all mean? And how do I profit by it?

Come meet the Board of Directors of Verifiable AG; a cutting-edge technology company based in Zug, Switzerland. Zug is considered the "Crypto-Valley" much like the Bay Area is the "Silicon Valley" of the world. Here you can talk one-on-one with the developers of this technology in an intimate setting and learn how you can participate.

By the end of the afternoon you will be able to answer all the questions above. Registration is required. Seating is extremely limited and honored on a first come basis. No onsite registrations allowed. So reserve your spot now.

Photo (left to right) Verifiable Board of Directors: Herbert Goertz, Chris Terry, Charles Middleton. Picture taken at the Global Blockchain Expo in London UK April 2018 -- Verifiable's public launch.

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Event Schedule

1:45pm - 2pm

Welcome & Check In

Please arrive before 2pm to check in; this will also allow you a chance to meet the team before the seminar begins. Note the doors will close promptly at 14:00 no late arrivals allowed.

2pm - 2:30pm

Blockchain Technology

Starting with an overview Blockchain fundamentals quickly moving onto practical application of its use beyond cryptocurrencies. The discussion is in English, not technojargon. Where Blockchain is today and where it will be tomorrow, landscape and players in the space.

2:30pm - 3pm

Who we are

Introduction to Verifiable AG and our solution including a live demonstration of our technology that our clients are using TODAY. Overview of our international team: 23 strong and growing. Finally how you can participate in our success if interested.

3pm -


We have developed a concise and informative presentation. However we have learned that our guests always think of new questions. Blockchain is a dynamic environment and impossible for anyone person or organization to keep up with. Thus we really enjoy this part of the seminar (and you will too!).

“I have heard about Blockchain‚Ķ can you give me a simple example of what you can do with it? Yes we can. Here is a basic overview of our Blockchain Technology Platform explained in less than 2 minutes.”

Our Speakers

Our F.A.Q.

Please read prior to attending the event. Danke!

Time: 2pm sharp

We will start the event promptly at 2pm*. No late arrivals will be allowed. We do this to be respectful of everyone's time. There is a lot of material to cover and late arrivals cause delay due to disruptions. Thank you for your understanding. *Remember we are a Swiss Company and pride ourselves on timeliness.

venue: Brazilian Court Hotel - The Pavilion

The event will be held at Brazilian Court Hotel's Pavilion directly across the street from the main hotel entrance. The Brazilian Court Hotel is one of the most exclusive properties on the island of Palm Beach and a beautiful place. We highly recommend you extend your time in the area -- especially if you are from out of town. There are plenty of places to visit, things to see, great dining and world-class shopping.

Valet Parking Provided

Complimentary valet parking is provided for our guests. Simply pull up to the Valet at the hotel main entrance and inform them you are attending the Verifiable Blockchain event.

Accredited Investor Status Required For Americans

If you are an American or Permanent Resident of the United States of America for you to participate in our investment seminar you must be an "Accredited Investor" as defined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In short, there is a net-worth or annual income requirement. If you have any questions about this requirement, please consult your accountant, tax or legal professional. If you are not an American there is no requirement.

After I register are you going to spam me or share my information?

NO. Verifiable is in the "Trust" business. In fact that is exactly what Blockchain brings to business transactions--trust. You will hear more about that during the day. Our relationship with you is completely confidential and will not be shared with ANYONE--PERIOD. NOR will we send you unrelated marketing junk. Yes, we said that. We will only send you event-related materials for review that will make our short time together as productive as possible.

I still have questions... are there any humans around?

Of course. We have a local number in the Palm Beach area; you can reach us at: +1.561.829.5800. Keep in mind that you still must register online to attend the seminar.

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